Saleem Study

Fit Body – Fit Mind.

Investigating the effects of physical activity on PTSD among adults living in a refugee camp in Greece

Forcibly displaced people are exposed to severe mental and physical strain, as well as traumatic experiences during their journey. As a consequence, the risk of psychiatric disorders is markedly increased among international refugees.

In 2017, we implemented a pilot study in a Greek refugee camp. This study showed that an exercise and sport intervention is feasible and corroborated the potential benefits of exercise and sport on forcibly displaced peoples’ mental health and cardiorespiratory fitness. Nevertheless, there is a great need for studies with more robust research designs.

Therefore, in the SALEEM study we use a randomized controlled trial design to further examine the effects of exercise and sport interventions. The study is currently ongoing.

About the study

A randomized controlled trial, investigating the effects of an exercise and sport intervention among adults living in a Greek refugee camp on mental health, physical fitness and cardiovascular risk markers.

Funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies.

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