Submission of grant application to SNIS

21 Jan 2020

In January 2020, our study outline is ready for submission. Meanwhile, further partners from the University of Basel (Prof. Dr. Uwe Pühse, Prof. Dr. Dominique de Quervain, PD Dr. Sebastian Ludyga, Dr. Flora Colledge, Dr. Harald Seelig), the University Hospital of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Roland von Känel) and the University of Berne (Dr. Marianne Meier) joined the team.

The nature of the problem warrants a pluri-disciplinary solution. Thus, expertise from different scientific disciplines is required for successful planning and implementation of the study, interpretation of findings and dissemination. Specifically, expertise is needed from sport pedagogy to develop a suitable intervention targeting participants’ needs. Experts from exercise and sport psychology will be able to guarantee a high-quality implementation of the intervention, whereas experts from exercise and movement science will ensure an appropriate assessment of physical activity and physical fitness. Expertise from consultancy psychiatry is needed because certain participants might be affected by psychiatric disorders. Thus, being sensitive to the needs of individuals with psychiatric disorders is a key issue. There is further a possibility that serious adverse events (e.g. suicide attempts, violent conflicts) – which need a psychiatric intervention – will occur in a study taking place in a refugee camp setting. Furthermore, expertise in psychosomatic medicine is required because psychosomatic complaints and cardiovascular risk factors have been reported among forcibly displaced people. This should be taken into account when a sport and exercise intervention program is developed, and training doses and intensities are set. Additionally, knowledge of cognitive neuroscience is needed because sophisticated computer-based tests will be incorporated into the assessment battery to measure participants’ cognitive function. Finally, expertise from gender studies is needed to assess gender-responsive factors and empowerment premises.